Write and Label GitHub Issues#

Create an Issue#

To create an issue:

  1. Go to the OpenMS codebase.

  2. Submit an issue.

The issue will be listed under Issues.

Label an Issue#

To label an issue:

  1. On the right of the screen, select the cog icon under Labels.

  2. Choose a label from the list. Normally, an issue can have one or more of the following labels:

    • defect: A defect refers to a bug in OpenMS. This is a high priority issue.

    • enhancement: An enhancement refers to a feature idea to enhance the current OpenMS code. This is a medium priority issue.

    • task: A task refers to a single piece of work that a developer can undertake. This is a medium priority issue.

    • refactoring: A refactoring issue refers to a suggestion to streamline the code without changing how the code function.

    • question: A question could trigger to a discussion about tools, parameters and scientific tasks.