Reporting Bugs and Issues#

A list of known issues in the current OpenMS release can be found here. Please check if your OpenMS version matches the current version and if the bug has already been reported.

In order to report a new bug, please create a GitHub issue or contact us.

Include the following information in your bug report:

  1. The command line (i.e. call) including the TOPP tool and the arguments you used, or the steps you followed in a GUI tool (e.g. TOPPView) - e.g. FeatureFinderCentroided -in myfile.mzML -out myfile.featureXML.

  2. The output of OpenMS/TOPP (or a screenshot in case of a GUI problem).

  3. Operating system (e.g. “Windows XP 32 bit”, “Win 7 64 bit”, “Fedora 8 32 bit”, “macOS 10.6 64 bit”).

  4. OpenMS version (e.g. “OpenMS 1.11.1”, “Revision 63082 from the SVN repository”).

  5. OpenMS architecture (“32 bit” or “64 bit”)

Please provide files that we need to reproduce the bug (e.g. TOPP INI files, data files — usually mzML) via a download link, via the mailing list or by directly contacting one of the developers.